• MF Glutra LNG Ferry

    We are now going all in with service at 3 of the LNG Mitsubishi Engines onboard MF Glutra. One of the engines is at our workshop for total overhauling and we are doing service onboard with the 2 other ones.

  • Mitsubishi S12R MPTA/MPTK For Sale

    SOLD!! New reconditioned Mitsubishi S12R MPTA / MPTK for sale. Available either as short motor or finished either TD13 TD15 turbos, MPTK or MPTA coolers. Comes with Reckord sheet of crankshaft, Con Rods, Liners, etc. Please contact us for more info!

  • Vi har mye å gjøre!

    Welcome to our new web site!

    Hi and welcome to our new web site! We are extremely busy, but we promise to try to keep this one up to date. Please, take a look!